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Production Update: Papa & The Malevolent

Over the last few weeks a couple of production titles have hit the blogs with Mischa attached to star in both Papa and The Malevolent. Both have production dates slated for August-September 2015 but I haven’t seen any firm information for either title yet. PAPA is in the process of wrapping up casting so I guess we’ll find out for sure if Mischa is moving forward with these roles in the near future. Here is the synopsis of each title:


Papa is the story of a young man named Ben, adopted by wonderful parents. But, when Ben has an overwhelming need to find his biological parents, he discovers they were in a terrible car accident, killing his mother and leaving his biological father David, mentally challenged. With the help of his friends, but not his unsupportive girlfriend Jennifer (MISCHA BARTON), he finds his real PAPA (as he calls him) living in an adult home for the mentally challenged. There, Ben meets a beautiful, caring and young native Brazalian girl named Dina (SAN BLAKKERT), his real father David’s caretaker. Ben’s adopted parents, Jack & Sarah (DARYL HANNAH & FRANKIE AVALON), didn’t want Ben to find out about his parents to protect him from the pain. 

The Malevolent:

784232After a serious car accident put him in the hospital and then confined him to a wheelchair during his prolonged recovery, early twenties-something Keith is all but imprisoned in his 4th floor walkup apartment. On the day of the accident, his live-in girlfriend had left him and had taken almost all their shared belongings, leaving him with no television, no stereo system and not much more than a couch to sleep on. Lonely and understandably feeling sorry for himself, Keith has only the visits from his best friend Carlos and his home health care supervisor to look forward to. Keith has been hearing things and seeing things, which he blames on his pain medication. In an attempt to amuse himself, and to find answers as to why his girlfriend left him, Keith dabbles with a spirit board (an Ouija board) and ends up unknowingly inviting a malevolent and shapeshifting entity into his life, one that takes on the guise of a beautiful and helpless young woman, presumably from the vacant apartment upstairs. Blinded by his desire to protect her, Keith doesn’t see her true nature until it’s far too late.

Paper Towns Premiere

Photos of Mischa at the Paper Towns premiere in New York have been added. Mischa’s hit a bit of style stride the last few events! Great to see her out and about at events again.


Ant-Man After Party

Photos of Mischa at the Ant-Man premiere after party hosted by The Cinema Society and Audi have been added. These are from an event prior to the Irrational Man screening, just took a bit longer to source the photos.


Irrational Man Screening

Photos of Mischa at the screening of Sony Pictures Classics’ ‘Irrational Man’ have been added. The event was hosted by The Cinema Society with FIJI Water & Metropolitan Capital Bank at Museum of Modern Art in New York City.


2015 ICFF Awards Night

Photos of Mischa at the 2015 ICFF Awards Night in Toronto, Canada have been added. Mischa was accompanied by Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi from AMBI Pictures who produced one of Mischa’s upcoming features Hope Lost.


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L.A. Slasher – New Release Date

L.A. Slasher was originally slated for a June 12 theatrical release at select AMC Theatres in North America. However, an updated press release has advised that the release date has been pushed to June 26 to allow for a wider release. Check out the press release below:

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 29, 2015) – Archstone Distribution has announced that the horror-dark comedy feature L.A. Slasher, directed by Martin Owen and produced by Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Sollinger, will receive a North American theatrical release starting June 26 in select AMC Theatres.

“With growing public interest, AMC is expanding the release of the film,” L.A. Slasher Executive Producer Abigail Wright stated. “The number of cities are growing, and thus far include Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Atlanta and Austin, with more to be announced soon.”

L.A. Slasher Producer Daniel Sollinger remarked, “My team and I are thrilled to be working with Archstone and AMC, as they have a steady track record for bringing high quality films to audiences worldwide. We are very proud to be on their roster.”

With an all-star cast that includes Mischa Barton, Dave Bautista, Danny Trejo, Drake Bell, Eric Roberts, Brooke Hogan, Abigail Wright, Elizabeth Morris and Andy Dick (in his comeback
vehicle), L.A. Slasher is a social satire about reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous. Exploring why it has become acceptable to become an influential star based on no merit or talent, the story follows the titular Slasher character as he systematically abducts these “stars,” much to the joy of the online public who view his exploits via social media, and who subsequently and enthusiastically support his mantra of ‘Death To Reality TV’.

Already a recipient of multiple awards on the film festival circuit, L.A. Slasher is being described as, “A ‘meta’ morality tale for the Age of Twitter” (via and, “A visual juggernaut” (via

L.A. Slasher Official Website

Beauty Rebel – British Beauty Journal

Check out Mischa’s STUNNING cover for the upcoming issue of Beauty Rebel magazine. Visit the website for details of the shoot and to see the beautiful back cover of the issue.

You can pre-order the magazine in both print and digital versions, with the digitial version available for the very low price of £1.00. Orders are open internationally for the magazine in both formats. It’s a great thing to support editorial magazines in general, but especially the less commercial ones. So I hope you’ll all consider at least ordering the digital issue to support Mischa and the creative team behind the shoot.


The Cinema Society Screening of ‘Aloft’

Hot on the heels of the news of Mischa’s guest-starring stint on ABC Family’s upcoming series Recovery Road, Mischa attended the screening of Sony Pictures Classics ‘Aloft’ hosted by The Cinema Society with Town & Country.

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