Photos of Mischa at the Red Eye, Inc. 6th Annual Christmukkah Soirée have been added. Here is a little description of the event from the Red Eye website.

It’s time to roll out the red carpet, pose in front of our “human photo wall”, and maybe even dress up a little for the most anticipated event of the year… our 6th Annual Christmukkah Soirée! Each year we set aside this one night to celebrate our Red Eye Family, old and new alike, while enjoying some finger-food, sipping on the flavors of the season and enjoying one another’s company fireside! The night will of course include a few Red Eye Traditions like “The Giving Tree” and providing an opportunity to “Bring a Toy for an Inner-City Child”!

The photos are all from Twitter, posted by @redeyeinc, @foreverReese and @irene411.

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  1. Piero

    A beautiful gesture,
    confirmation that you’re good
    | – | – | – | – |
    Many wishes for a Merry Christmas
    | – | – | – | – |

    Hi mischa

  2. yassora

    yeah olly u are right

    this photo is the best pic for mischa <3
    she's so babe so cute so queen —–a beautiful butterfly

    i love mischa toooo<3


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