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“A Resurrection” Teaser

Check out the recently released teaser trailer for Mischa’s upcoming movie A Resurrection. This movie was previously titled The Sibling and co-stars Devon Sawa with the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

The movie is due for limited theatrical release on March 22nd.

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Chris K Says:

I actually want to see that one ! It’s sad that it won’t get noticed more … Why doesn’t Mischa play in a regular movie once so she can show her talent and then her other movies would interest more. She could also get a 5 episode storyline in a good TV show. I don’t know I just think that keeping on doing those horror indie movies won’t get her anywhere. She’s so much better than that …

ij Says:

I’ve just seen a film Mischa made called “walled in” – She gave a really good performance – subtle, nuanced and emotionally resonant even though the film was a bit cheesy – I just don’t understand why she doesn’t get better parts – she has got the talent and the looks – she seemed to have a small scar under her right eye – anyone know where that came from?

ij Says:

she looked good in her knickers too – black really suits her……..

Leo Al Says:

In Brazil, released as home video ( Titled O Despertar do Mal.

Sam Says:

Thanks for letting me know, Leo!

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