It has been very slow going at the moment – limited news on the Mischa front coupled with the holiday season has created a perfect storm of no updates. The Daily Mail has been posting candids of Mischa so if you’re desperate for some Mischa news, check out their website. I don’t have anything really exciting to post, just a couple of stills (one is a repeat, just a different size) from Mischa’s upcoming role in American Beach House. Hopefully more regular updates will resume in the near future.


I had also intended on switching layouts as this current one was only supposed to be temporary, but the designer went MIA. So I’ll figure something out on the layout front soonish.

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  1. Olly

    Very glad that Mischa’s mum Nuala sent you a Christmas card,Sam. After 9 years constant loyal devotion via this site you surely deserve it.
    Happy new year.


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