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And the winner is…XOXO…Gossip Girl!

In our first fan choice poll – held for no apparent reason, just a bit of fun – Gossip Girl came out the shining star as the television show you guys would most like to see Mischa guest star on. Gossip Girl won with a huge 46% of votes while The Vampire Diaries came in second at a lower 13%.

I’ll probably put up a new fan choice poll in a few days just to pass the time while Mischa is MIA. If you have any poll ideas, shoot me an email with suggestions. Thanks for voting!

4 Responses

Tete Says:

yes, I LODED

ij Says:

She would be great on gossip girl. She is made for a part on that show. Maybe as a character who takes on chuck bass? That would be fun…The you and I film looks like a bit of a B movie…no idea what it’s about…if she is supposed to be launching her own clothing label does anyone think that she would have to tone down her own inimitable but eclectic dress sense if she is going to be representing a clothing label…

ed Says:

she had an opportunitY on that show as GEORGINA SPARKS but she passed on it, hope the producers create a part for her on that show

ij Says:

she would have been great as georgina – look what it did for Tractenbergs career – i can understand why someone would not want to be tied to a series though

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