Candids of Mischa with DJ Ali stopping at a gas station have been added. Mischa is once again hit with some car troubles. Its become such a regular paparazzi spectacle that I’m beginning to think Maude has a mind of its own and enjoys breaking down in front of the flashing cameras.

As an aside, “Apartment 1303″ has been added to Mischa’s IMDb page.

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  1. ij

    Actually, I am still amazed at how many paps are filming/photographing them in the car – it is really crazy – i don’t know how she copes with it…

  2. Olly

    Maude’s very beautiful though,if infuriatingly erratic…and in interviews I’ve heard MB talk about her motor with almost as much animated delight that she would show if she were talking about her beloved wee pugs,Charles Dickens and Ziggy Stardust.

    I think Mischa’s current squeeze,the relatively shy and privacy-loving British musician,DJ Ali Loves Ketamine,might be getting the hump with all the pap frenzy….wonder if he’s got the heart and fortitude to hang in there with MB? Hope so.If MB’s happy,I’m happy. ;-)

  3. Piero

    I love American cars even though they often have problems.

    I would’ve bought now ready to Maude, I remember her beautiful.



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