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Ask Mischa a Question

OMG! The OC Girl Mischa Barton and Funnyman Mark Watson will be joining Fearne and Dave on tonight’s iTunes Festival. Send us your questions for them here or drop us an email to

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3 Responses

Olly Says:

Just finished watching Mischa in two brief interview segments,totalling less than 5 minutes.She was on good animated form and looked terrific in a floral dress with her blonde hair pinned up.She had been asked for an interview because she had watched the ITV2 Goldfrapp performance the night before.She’s a fan of, a band I’ve not heard of, Phoenix. She was asked a strange question claiming she had homes in LA,NY,Paris and London.She denied the last two – stating she stayed with friends like Jamie Winstone in London and when visiting Paris found the music scene to be ‘lazy’ there compared to London.She said that when chatting to Hugh Grant she found out that they – (and me!) – were born in the same place- Hammersmith Hospital! The only question of the second segment was ; “Do you regret buying Maude?”Instantly and emphatically she said ” Absolutely not! I love my car.It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.I am obsessed with my beautiful coup de ville convertible.It’s just a shame it breaks down when the paps are around.”
That was it…good to see and hear her looking so good.

Sam Says:

Thanks for that Olly. Shame it wasn’t a longer segment.

Patricija Says:

There’s a question: “How is it going with your new boyfriend? You two look very cute together” :)

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