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Back at the Airport

Candids of Mischa back at Nice airport have been added. I’m not sure if she’s already leaving Cannes, but it unfortunately seems like it.

3 Responses

Caleb Says:

That didn’t last long…she just ended her streak of looking good. She went from being classy to..yeah, this, in only a few hours. I’m starting to think that most of the outfits she looks good in aren’t of her own doing.

ij Says:

Yeah, the fantasy and the reality – ripped jim jams and no knickers to princess and then back again – mind you both work for me……no one else dresses like this though – anyway she went, looked great, did her thing and got out – at least she didn’t declare herself a Nazi and swear allegiance to Hitler like some…

Olly Says:

No spit Sherlock Caleb , LOL!
I endorse IJ’s comments… so glad that Mischa didn’t go down the Lars Von Trier route.
Intense beauty/starlet competition at Cannes – Poppy Delevigne and Eva Herzigova both in shorts, particularly arresting – and it was great to see Mischa can still pull out all the stops in that classical black ball gown.
I enjoyed the idiosyncratic,esoteric tribute to Where’s Wally/Timmy Mallet look for the flight back home too. Chillaxing Mischa !

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