Candids of Mischa arriving at LAX airport from her brief trip to SXSW have been added.

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  1. Piero

    They understand many things by an expression,

    You are very beautiful, always
    but I think you’re not happy, appears only

    I wish I could keep company, are a wonderful person, take care of yourself
    I would do everything to make you happy, I wish that this thing might come true …

    memories are always available, Piero

  2. Kelly

    It was a fun game at SXSW – who saw Mischa Barton drunk the most! You can tell from these photos she definitely had some fun! (btw, Jeff won the game)

  3. ij

    What’s wrong with drinking in your own time? Think it’s a bit rough actually – you go for some r and r and a good time and you get someone messing you about and then a load of morons making gross and mean comments about you….. I hope she did have fun.


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