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Bardot Lounge

A few candids of Mischa leaving Bardot lounge have been uploaded. These shots have caused a bit of a tabloid stir since they aren’t the most flattering pictures ever taken. Plus there was that verbal altercation where some jackass bystander/photographer shouted “flabby ass” to which Mischa replied “go f*** yourself”. ETA: There’s a video, she does indeed swear back! 😀

3 Responses

Sara Says:

I saw that video on e-news. What an a** hole! That is no way for a grown man to talk to a young woman.

LostSoul Says:

What an offensive thing to say! You want an actor to turn around and get you the good shot; but do ya have to go and say that?

He’s lucky he didn’t get a hot mochachino tossed in his face!

MischaFan Says:

I am not a rabid Mischa defender for all her fashion choices, but I have to disagree on the all the haters who think this is unflattering for her. I think it’s only unflattering for those who are told that curves are bad or women are supposed to try and minimize or hide their butts. Her’s looks GREAT in this picture. She’s always been pear shaped and I think it’s great when she ignores what others say and wears stuff that accentuates her curves. Some men don’t like bony girls you know!

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