Just a quick note to mention that nearly all of the candids of Mischa during her trip to Ibiza have been removed out of respect. Visit Mischa’s Twitter page to understand why.

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  1. Jo

    From her latest tweets, it seems that those pictures, and the tactics the local paps are using to get their shots, have really upset her. The “car trouble” they had was the result of one of the paps letting down their tyres, while the beach ones were the result of what she’s described as “stalking”. Apparently, these pictures have upset her so much, she’s been in tears because of them. For that reason, I’m not going to make any mention of these pics on my site, out of respect for Mischa and her feelings.

  2. Sam

    Of course! Unfortunately, I haven’t been online since she posted the messages so I’m a little late removing them. But they’re gone now.

  3. Jo

    Definitely the right thing to do. It won’t stop them being available on other sites, but at least it shows Mischa that we respect her feelings, even if others don’t.

  4. ij

    Yeah, this was really creepy and invasive – letting someones tires down? That could potentially be dangerous……..what next – paps engineering certain situations and events a la a kind of perverse Punked?


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