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Benefit for Japan

Photos of Mischa at a benefit to support the disaster relief effort in Japan have been added. The event was held at the Bootleg Theater in LA where Mischa was the event host.

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Poppy Says:

who’s this guy in the photos?

Caleb Says:

I think it’s Adam Goldberg, but I just have to say, the style is too much to handle. She kind of looks freaky. It wouldn’t’ be so bad without the wacky nailpolish she has on. Anyways, hoping there’s a role for her coming up.

Poppy Says:

I also thought that was him :) but I think she looks great, I think her outfit matches the theme of the party :)

ij Says:

I think she looks terrific here. It’s all in the eyes. She looks calmer, happier, more at peace and even more beautiful as a result. Glad she survived her youth without doing any permanent damage.

Jerome Bambipure Says:

Looks like a “Tequila Mockingbird” or maybe a “Tequila Sunrise” or some such Cocktail with bright Crap stuck in it, that pokes you in the Eyes when you try to drink it,which is probably like the real Mischa!
I like it………dress up as a green Frog next?
Lots of Love

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