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Beverly Hills Fashion Festival

Photos of Mischa looking absolutely INCREDIBLE at the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival have been added.

And now with these event photographs we can better see her new hair. The blonde is a much more natural shade and the extensions are definitely gone. She looks beautiful!!!!

5 Responses

Adeline Says:

Whoaaa she looks great with that blonde hair and without the ugly extensions :) Love Mischa !

Olly Says:

I agree The Divine flakey yet sweet Mischa looks incredibly beautiful here! (& no extensions a good move too.Shame about hideous busy flowery top & unflattering high-waister strides but everything from the neck up is so lovely that frankly who but a few sad fastidious fashion wannabes would give a flying duck? Go Mischa!)

Olly Says:

As we would chant at an English football match:


Piero Says:

A photo portrait.
Mischa you’re living a dream.
I will soon send a picture with this beautiful photo

Piero little Alberto Misco

rafa Says:

she looks great!! 😀

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