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Boost Mobil Barbecue at The Project Beach House

A very fresh faced Mischa stepped out in Malibu yesterday to attend the Boost Mobil Barbecue at The Project Beach House. Click here for photos.

5 Responses

Ashley Says:

I love Mischa dress!!! I adore it so much! It is so cute! :)

Yeah I get it people don’t care for her shoes. Really I don’t think there that bad. Really are kind of cute. Something I wouldn’t problem wear, but it goes well w/ her thats all what matter. Don’t hate on someone for not likeing there shoes. Just because u wouldn’t wear them.

Love the dress alot… Michs is look fablous here… Hair, makeup, dress, & shoes. She just shining w/ the stars at this event! I am loving it Mischa!!!


rafael Says:

she looks so pretty!

lauren Says:

she looks soo amazing and stunning and really pretty i like her hair and make up and i like her braclets and i like her dress

fl beats Says:

Heya from Brazil! I have found your site on alltheweb. Amazing content! Angela S. King x

Serena Williams Says:

That cat suit was just plain bad to me. I liked her 2007 Aussie dress. She is starting to look more conservative and I like that, especially her new hairdo.

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