The time has come again for a brand new layout and I think we’ve arrived at my favourite design so far! This awesome layout was created by Gordon from Gordon also made the gallery layout so I think the site has a really nice flow to it now. As all the regular visitors will know, I normally tend to go for layouts with a lighter tone but I think the vibrancy of the featured colours against the black backdrop is really striking. Anyway, hope you guys all love the new design as much as I do. And check out special guest Ziggy on the top banner, lol!

7 Responses

  1. Sam

    Ziggy <3 lol i always forget that the dog’s there.
    So pleased that your pleased with it Sam, and your so welcome.

  2. Olly

    Sorry,too dark,too Gothic. Find it very difficult to read. Bit of a disaster I’m afraid to say.
    ( Otherwise this site is excellent and Sam does a very good job.)

  3. chrisea34

    I’m afraid I have to say like Olly. Although the layout shows that Gordon has a gift and that he manages to get the best out of fonts and pictures, it doesn’t show the Mischa we like … I was thinking more fun, yet classy and unique !

  4. Olly

    There’s a famous old English army song called The QuarterMaster’s Stores that begins ‘My eyes are blind,I cannot see,I have not brought my specs with me….I have nottt brrrougght my specs with me!’ I wonder if Gordon knows it? ;) Two months till the next lay-out? …counting the days…


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