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Brie Childers Continued

Extra shots from Mischa’s shoot with Brie Childers featuring the Mischa’s Place collection have been added. Big thanks to Carol for getting these for me!

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Chris K Says:

What about a summer layout with those ? Or maybe you’re waiting for some other shoot ? 😉

Sam Says:

I’m waiting to see what the Idee Fixe and Volt magazine shoots will turn out like.

Olly Says:

Agree with Chris K..think these beautiful shots in wonderful clothes would be great for when you do a redesign.Hope Brie Childers has more sessions with MB in the future..

BTW the 8 1/2 years you’ve been running this excellent site,& the 70,000+ MB pics you must have perused,I wonder what your favourite 20 Mischa pics – from candids or fashion shoots – ever are? How about making a little feature of it – ‘Webmaster’s Choice’?
(The Accesorize pics are some of my all-time faves.)

Chris K Says:

That’s a great idea ! What about a poll or a tournament 😀 Well we’re getting ahead of ourselves !

Sam Says:

Great ideas 😀 When I have some downtime, I’ll setup a poll of some sort.

I’m unfortunately still in the process of re-organizing the gallery which I’ve been trying to do for six months. But finding the time to sit at the computer is a nightmare 😐

Dishank Says:

Great pics. Huge fan of Mischa.

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