Extra shots from Mischa’s shoot with Brie Childers featuring the Mischa’s Place collection have been added. Big thanks to Carol for getting these for me!

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  1. Sam

    I’m waiting to see what the Idee Fixe and Volt magazine shoots will turn out like.

  2. Olly

    Agree with Chris K..think these beautiful shots in wonderful clothes would be great for when you do a redesign.Hope Brie Childers has more sessions with MB in the future..

    BTW Sam..in the 8 1/2 years you’ve been running this excellent site,& the 70,000+ MB pics you must have perused,I wonder what your favourite 20 Mischa pics – from candids or fashion shoots – ever are? How about making a little feature of it – ‘Webmaster’s Choice’?
    (The Accesorize pics are some of my all-time faves.)

  3. Sam

    Great ideas :D When I have some downtime, I’ll setup a poll of some sort.

    I’m unfortunately still in the process of re-organizing the gallery which I’ve been trying to do for six months. But finding the time to sit at the computer is a nightmare :|


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