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Carnevale di Cento

Photos of Mischa at the Carnevale di Cento in Italy have been added. Big thanks to Katya for the pics and also to Piero for contributing.

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Anselmikus Says:

Looks as if Italy loves Mischa and she likes it. So cool, she is in the same time zone like I am :)

ahmed & mischa Says:

Congratulations — ahmed and mischa=love

Piero Says:

You’re a wonderful girl
adorable beautiful

thank you to (sam).

I love By Piero (Italy)

Piero Says:

Adored Mischa,
now here is my new site dedicated to you

everything for you! Piero bye

Savanah Says:

Hello, I’m French and I have a blog on Mischa Barton and I just wanted to tell you that you are my source. I am very happy that you make a site so fantastic! My English is not great but I hope you understand …
Bye! Have a nice day :)

ahmed & mischa Says:

thanks Piero and ilove mischa

Oliver Tuck Says:

I agree with Anselmikus, Mischa seems relaxed,happy and reinvigorated in Italy. Doubtlessly its a refeshing change from all the stress and pressure back in the US – e.g. rent arrears & TBL cancellation.

Perhaps she should set up base in this relatively civilised and cultured old continent? (what with her sister living in London,as well).

Dios con vaya, Mischa! Wherever you are,we just want you to be happy!

ahmed & mischa Says:

mischa barton 2010 is beautiful

ahmed & mischa Says:

Waited for more news about Mischa

Astafev Says:

Какие ещё будут мнения?

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