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Fashion ID: Mischa Barton wearing Mischa Barton!

As we know, Mischa is in the process of launching her very own line of products – all available at The website is currently acting as a bit of a preview of what’s to come when Mischa opens a physical store location in London later this year. You can currently purchase everything from the wildly successful handbags to the newer items like body products, make-up and of course a clothing collection.

It’s the clothing collection that brings me to this post when I noticed Mischa sporting the Aspen Waistcoat during her night out with Revenge stars Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen.

You can purchase the Aspen Waistcoat at Mischa’s Place or just simply stop by to check out the rest of the collection. The biggest improvement for the website is that they’ve been adding portrait photos from the lookbook shoot for the collection. This means that we can now see what the clothing looks like on a model rather than just illustrations, which, I think, definitely shows off the clothing much better.

Mischa Barton Looks Back On Her Favorite Outfits

It looks like 2012 could be the year of Mischa Barton’s comeback, and I’ll be the first to say, “Finally!” Ever since I watched Fox’s The O.C., I’ve envied Barton’s ability to wear cute, casual looks without treading into adolescent territory. “When I was younger, I tended to dress much more sophisticated than the average teen since I was fortunate enough to have some of the world’s top designers willing to dress me,” said Barton.“I’ve become a bit more playful in my style as I’ve matured.”

The British-born actress has flown under the radar for the past few years, but little did we know that Barton has been expanding on her eponymous handbag line that she launched last fall. “Accessorizing has always been my favorite means of sprucing up an ensemble, which is one of the reasons I’ve launched my own handbag line,” said Barton. “It’ll culminate in my own boutique in London this spring that also includes clothes and make-up”

Barton is also wrapping up two new films, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and “Apartment 1303 3D”, so she admits she hasn’t had time to plan for her 26th birthday this Tuesday. “I haven’t put much thought into how I’ll celebrate, but I imagine it will be with a close-knit party of family and friends. Each year, people approach me with fantastic getaways or Vegas experiences, which can surely be fun,” said Barton. “But for me, it’s more about who I’m celebrating with rather than how or where, so I tend to prefer a low-key dinner at a favorite restaurant.”

While Barton celebrates her birthday, we asked her to share her thoughts on a few outfits from the past nine years. Check out her commentary in the captions, and tell us, which look is your favorite?

Source: Stylelist

Also, make sure to visit the Stylelist page to view the photo gallery of some of Mischa’s looks which also features brief commentary from Mischa herself.

Introducing… Mischa’s Place! Clothing, Beauty, Cosmetics and Accessories.

Some very exciting and massive news today, Mischa has launched her very own online store called Mischa’s Place. The amazing online store has a huge collection of Mischa Barton products including a clothing line, bath & body products, cosmetics, candles, accessories (like scarves and leggings) and of course the handbags.


Also, make sure to follow Mischa’s Place on Twitter and check out the Facebook page. Hopefully this extended step into branding will be as successful for Mischa as her handbag collection has been.

And I think I see some shoes on the front page of the website, so I wonder if that means there is a shoe collection on the horizon?

I’m sure I speak for all the fans by saying that I’m very proud of Mischa with this huge move she’s made. She must be thrilled and it seems like Mischa has a great team behind her, supporting the brand all the way!