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Mischa to star in Three$um?

Just kind of randomly stumbled on this information, but it seems Mischa is attached to star in a movie called “Three$um.” A British distribution company has her name listed on their website. Here is the synopsis from IMDB – no casting has been announced there as yet.

Prague.Early 1990’s Ben and Rachel, the perfect American couple backpack through Europe and in a greedy effort to heighten their experience, they decide to smuggle drugs across the border into Prague. In a chance encounter with a young and beautiful Amanda “Baby Girl” they find their pawn for the perfect plan. But when Ben’s eye moves from Rachel to Amanda, the lines begin to blur in an erotically perverse and mind altering sex triangle. In the vein of “Body Heat”, Three$um becomes a manipulative mind game of lust and greed where the pawn captures the King.

The movie is described as an action film at various websites. Additionally, the website mentioned above indicates that Three$um is part of a trilogy (although it also seems that they are mostly self contained movies).

This one sounds like another indie movie so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if something comes about. Mischa’s been attached to a lot of projects over the years (recently The Science of Cool, Engram, Upstate and Into the Darkness) but for one reason or another (usually lack of financing) they never lift off. I would really like to see her film a studio-backed movie one of these days.

Speaking of Into the Darkness, the IMDB status was recently updated to indicate that filming will begin in October. So again, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Twitter Confirms Mischa’s Darkness

A short little Twitter burst from the Into the Darkness Twitter Page has officially confirmed that Mischa has joined the cast of the film.

New cast additions: Mischa Barton and John Schneider join “Into the Darkness”!

Mischa Barton Steps Into The Darkness

According to IMDB, Mischa is slated to film a new movie titled Into the Darkness. It seems to already be a fairly established role with most of the casting already announced. Mischa returns to the horror/thriller genre although unlike her previous films, this movie seems a little more youth orientated and seems to be more of an ensemble.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A group of friends descend upon a remote wilderness area to camp and party reuniting after a year apart. Their decision to embark on a short exploration of an unknown cave system turns into a horrific struggle for survival. Can they find the light before the darkness finds them?

Also according to IMDB, Mischa will be playing the character of Allie. Here is an extract from a press interview about the movie talking about Allie:
Q: Is there a favorite character that you think the audience will be drawn to-(in a lot of movies people can usually sympathize or relate to one character over others?)
A: Allie, definately Allie – shes the protagonist. You will see everything through her eyes.

There is also a promotional trailer already floating around the web before the movie has started filming. I’m thinking some scenes were shot to secure financing? Principal photography is supposed to begin in August. Here is the teaser trailer:

The film also already has an established Official Website as well as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages. Visit all links for further information on the film. Mischa hasn’t been officially announced as part of the movie but there should be an announcement made on Twitter shortly.

Izakaya Takeaway

Candids of Mischa grabbing take out at Izakaya and heading to a friend’s house in a cab have been added. Also added a little still from Bhopal with thanks to Maz!

Further Details on Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

A new article has recently been published with Bhopal film-maker Ravi Kumar. The article talks about several elements of the movie including possible release date time frames, premiere ideas, storyline and general conceptual chit chatter. Its a very interesting read for those of us looking forward to seeing Mischa in this film 😀

Celluloid Memorial for Bhopal

London-based Ravi Kumar revisits the tragedy of the gas leak in his new film

In his apartment in London, film-maker Ravi Kumar sat glued to the television as the kickers revealed the verdict on the Bhopal tragedy. “We are very disappointed and shocked at hearing the lenient verdict given to the staff of Union Carbide. The US bosses of Union Carbide have not even been prosecuted. This is not a good precedent for future cases,” says Kumar via email. He is still seething in anger about the Bhopal High Court’s decision to acquit former Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson, but there are pressing matters at hand — Kumar is in final stages of post-production work of his film, Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain.

The film, made on a US $12 million (approx. Rs 55 crores) budget, dramatises the events leading up to the tragedy on the night of December 3, 1986, when plumes of toxic MIC gas leaked from the Union Carbide factory, killing and maiming thousands. The film, with an international cast of Martin Sheen, Mischa Barton and Kal Penn from Hollywood , and Rajpal Yadav, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Akhil Mishra from India, will be ready for release in December.

“We want to premier the film on the 26th anniversary of the disaster but, being an international film, the release dates will be decided by individual distributors,” adds 39-year-old Kumar, who has co-written the script with British scriptwriter David Brooks Miller.

Kumar, a virtually unknown filmmaker despite three previous films, is also a trained pediatrician. He was born and raised in Bhopal but settled in London many years ago. He made his first short film in 1999.

Source: Indian Express

Click ‘read more’ for the rest

Read More…

In Development: Engram

A new movie role has recently been announced with Mischa in the lead. The film is titled Engram and is based upon a book of the same name written by Keith Baker. The movie is currently in development so no other casting has been revealed yet. There is however a plot summary which you can read below:

A young female doctor wakes from a coma four years after a near-fatal car crash and begins to investigate the driver’s death at the scene. As she tries to unravel a past she can’t remember, she gradually uncovers a deadly conspiracy. Now under increasing threat, a darker question begins to form – what was her own involvement in the events leading-up to that night?

The film is a UK/Germany co-production with Mischa’s mum Nuala Barton acting as executive producer. The film genre is listed as a medical conspiracy action/thriller.

Hopefully we get more information soon!


Don’t Fade Away *New* Trailer

Brand new trailer for Mischa’s upcoming drama Don’t Fade Away co-starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten has surfaced online. Check it out below along with other media from the movie. I am dying to see this!!! Doesn’t look like a release date has been announced yet though.

Additionally, the official Don’t Fade Away website has now launched. The site features stills and a preview of one of Mischa and Ryan’s scenes. Make sure to visit.

Mischa’s promotional stills from the movie have been uploaded, check them out here.

Also, make sure to follow the Don’t Fade Away Twitter page and head on over to the Facebook page for more updates.

On Set Photos

Several different albums from some of Mischa’s recent movies have been updated with behind the scenes photos of Mischa taking pictures with crew and fans. Big thanks to Maz for sending these through! Here is what has been added:
Behind the Scenes on Homecoming
Behind the Scenes on Don’t Fade Away
Production Stills on Bhopal
Behind the Scenes on Bhopal

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