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Mischa-B.Com turns 8!!

You know you’re getting old when you start to forget your own birthday. Just wanted to write up a quick post wishing this website a Happy 8th Birthday 😀 We actually turned eight on January 11, so, as you can see, I’m a little late. We’ve also accumulated over 8 million hits since we implemented a counter a few months after launch.

On a personal note, I never really thought I’d still be here doing this (I’ve been here for about 7 of those 8 years), so thanks to Mischa for continuously being a surprise and keeping things very interesting down this end. Can’t wait to see all the new projects coming up! And of course, thanks to all the Mischa fans who continue to visit the site after all this time. I’ve always said that it’s kinda hard work being a Mischa fan cause a lot of the time you’re only reading tabloid crap and comments from haters who do nothing but try and bring her down. But we know Mischa’s amazing no matter what anyone says.

New Layout!

It’s been a little while since the last layout change so I felt it was about time we had something fresh, especially after these LadyGunn photos came out which I think look awesome. So big thanks goes to Sin21 for the design, who did a great job at translating the direction I had in mind for the layout into a practical and beautiful design. I really love that it turned out quite simple and sleek design but with several pops of colour to liven it up. Hope you guys like it too.

And the winner is…Ian Somerhalder!

While Mischa was MIA before her trip to Russia, I set up a fan poll where you voted on the actor you’d like to see Mischa work with next. The voting was closer this time than with the previous TV show poll, but nevertheless, Ian Somerhalder came out on top with 29% of votes. Following closely behind was Chace Crawford with 23% of votes and then Johnny Depp with 16% of votes.

Now I wonder if we’ll ever see Mischa guest-star on The Vampire Diaries. I stumbled on these Marissa Cooper/Damon Salvatore fan videos which I thought were pretty cool.

Happy Birthday, Mischa!!!

Fan Choice #2 – Mischa’s Next Male Co-Star?

Since Mischa is still MIA (somewhere in the UK last time I heard), I figured it would be a good time to start the next fan poll. We might not see Mischa out and about for a little while longer as the only public appearance I’ve heard that could be coming up for her is the Russian/World premiere of You and I. That’s assuming she doesn’t return to the USA sooner. The below options were selected from my affiliates list, so again, there is no rhyme or reason to the poll.

[poll id=”9″]

And the winner is…XOXO…Gossip Girl!

In our first fan choice poll – held for no apparent reason, just a bit of fun – Gossip Girl came out the shining star as the television show you guys would most like to see Mischa guest star on. Gossip Girl won with a huge 46% of votes while The Vampire Diaries came in second at a lower 13%.

I’ll probably put up a new fan choice poll in a few days just to pass the time while Mischa is MIA. If you have any poll ideas, shoot me an email with suggestions. Thanks for voting!

Which show should Mischa guest star on?

I thought Mischa did a great job on Law & Order last year, so I figured it might be kinda fun to see the results of a fan poll like this one below. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see Mischa back on TV.

[poll id=”8″]

New Layout

New layout time again! This time I’ve gone for quite a simple and straight forward theme/design. I’m not sure how it will be received but I hope you guys like the sleek look of it. Massive thanks to my friend Enyel from the awesome Chace Crawford Online for designing the header for me. It’s really the centerpiece of the whole layout and she did a great job.

I’m having some styling issues with FireFox versus Internet Explorer in certain areas so there might be a couple of temporary minor glitches here and there.

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