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New Layout!

In what is probably the quickest turn around we’ve ever had for a layout, a new theme is  now up and running. I know the previous version was popular with everyone but I just wanted to lighten things up again as the last one was dark all over. Hope you guys like this new look. It’s only the second design I’ve personally made for the site ever. The theme base is from Elegant Themes. I’ve also coded the gallery to match this new layout – although the gallery stills need some colour tweaking with the links.

Happy Birthday Mischa!

To stream or not to stream?

As I mentioned recently, YouTube suspended the mischa-b account so all the streaming videos were lost. This has made me re-evaluate whether I should install a YouTube-like media site on mischa-b and offer all videos for streaming instead of having them available for download. So Instead of deciding myself, I thought I’d put it to a vote.

Essentially what you’re voting for is whether to leave things as they are (where you can download files direct to your computer) or get rid of the current archive and move everything over to a streaming server (similar to YouTube).

Note: For the purpose of this poll, assume that The OC files will remain untouched. I know most people like to download these clips to use with music videos so I’m going to ask my host to see if I can keep this section normal.

Mischa-B.Com Turns 6!!

I’m a little bit late with this message as technically turned 6 years old on January 11th. But nevertheless we’ve reached another milestone! Big shout out to the awesome Shanna who started this whole thing back when the phenomenon of Mischa Barton was just beginning. Also, a big thanks to Gertie (our awesome host) from the Fan Sites Network for continuing to give us a home. We’ve had a ton of highs and lows, endured an array of haters, but at the end of the day there is always a core group of people continuing to support this site and more importantly Mischa herself. You guys rock! I sincerely look forward to following Mischa’s career with everyone here for years to come.

New Layout

As I mentioned about a week ago on Twitter, a new layout was in the works for the site. And as you can see, it’s now up and running. Hope you guys like the change. I think it might be the first time the site has had such a dark layout. The design is by Dan from Pink Designs! A new gallery layout will follow in the near future.

Cover Gallery

Just finished updating the cover gallery with 40 additional covers. I think the total now stands at just under 250!!! And as I say every time I update this section, these are just the covers I know about. Imagine how many there are in countries I’ve been unable to get access to.

I wonder which magazine will give Mischa her first cover in 2010?

YouTube Account

I’ve received a couple of emails about this so I thought I’d address it for everyone to see. The YouTube account has unfortunately been suspended without notice. That means all the videos that were housed there have now been deleted :( Since I didn’t receive notice that they were shutting down the account, I also didn’t have a chance to do any new back ups. This means that some of the videos have been lost completely. However, since Mischa is a very well known celebrity, I’d say that the majority of the videos will still be available via search from other users.

The video archive hosted here at the site is unaffected so all the interviews and OC clips will continue to be downloadable as usual.

Favourite Mischa Look

Mischa seems to be MIA right now. She’s left New York though and is currently in LA but has somehow managed to escape the paparazzi. So since I have nothing to update with, I figured I’d set up a poll. Vote on your favourite Mischa look from her latest 5 public appearances:

[poll id=”6“]

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