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Deserted Set Pics

With production on Deserted underway, director Ashley Avis has kindly taken to her website to share some pics from the set. Photos are by set photographer Marcelo Araujo.


Gallery link:


Along with the photos, Ashley has also written a set blog which will give you some insight into the movie. Here is an excerpt, but make sure to visit the website for the full blog.

It’s our first off day, and we are now through four of seventeen shooting days.  Sprits are so high.  Every part of this cast and crew is outstanding.  The performances are … magnificent.  Every person is ‘bringing it’ and Mischa Barton – our lead – who has quite a bit of complex backstory (our film starts when she is released from prison, having been incarcerated for killing her mother in defense of her father at 18) – is transformational.

It’s amazing to work with a group of people (cast) who so deeply invest in characters.  To see a script that I’ve written … and re-written … and re-written again over the past three years finally come to life is surreal.  To have actors like Mischa, Winter, Jackson, Dana, Mykie, Trent, Jasmine and Tyler … and supporting cast…

The cast includes Mischa Barton (Jae), Jackson Davis (Robin), Winter Ave Zoli (Rosemary), Trent Ford (Troy), Dana Rosendorff (Heather), Michael Milford (Dax), Kelly Brennigan (Jasmine), and Tyler Sellers (Wade).

Supporting cast includes Jake Busey (Clay), Sebastian Bach (Archer), Gerry Bednob (Lizard), Heidi James (Calico), and Lance Henriksen (Hopper).

Visit Alchemy Pictures for more.

Happy Birthday, Mischa!


Wishing Mischa a very Happy Birthday!! She’s currently in London filming a movie, so hopefully she has some free time to fit in a celebration.

Happy Birthday Mischa!

Mischa-B.Com Turns 10!


It’s kind of mind-blowing that we’ve literally reached the decade mark for this website. It opened its doors back on January 11th, 2004 and almost immediately became the foremost source for all things Mischa Barton. We’ve survived the highs and lows, battling the haters and cheering the successes, and I think, like Mischa herself, we’re at a good and solid place right now. Not to get too sentimental on you, haha.

I apologize in advance for this long-winded and kinda self-indulgent post 😉

To go into a bit of history, since I think some of you have been visiting since day one, Shanna opened and maintained the site from January 2004. She ran the site extremely well which actually inspired me to open a website specially catering to fans of Marissa Cooper (It was called Coop, During 2004, Shanna also brought on a co-webmaster named Janine who remained with the site for years. Around the end of 2004, I was brought on as a part-time co-webmaster (well technically, I started as an “Australian correspondent” due to the extremely high level of press attention Mischa received in Australia).

During the end of 2004 and for a few years after that, I was splitting my time between this site and After the whole The O.C. debacle, I decided to close and work exclusively on this site. So in effect, I merged the two sites together. Shanna and Janine eventually left this site, but it clearly would not be here without them starting it in the first place. Just in case you guys read this, thank you!! Oh, and I also want to thank Nat, who had a brief stint as a co-webmaster too.

During the site’s heyday, we were getting upwards of 30,000 hits a day. Now bear in mind, none of us got/get paid to work on this site, so it was always very exciting to see so many people clicking and visiting. I think at last count we had accumulated over 10 million hits.

That pretty much sums up the journey of the site.

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It’s a cool achievement that we’ve managed to keep up with regular updates over the years since it is genuinely not very common for a fan site to last this long. And it really is all because of Mischa. She probably doesn’t even know it, but her presence and her performance sincerely has had an enormous impact on a lot of fans.

Huge thanks to Mischa, just for being Mischa. A big thanks to Gertie, our amazing host from the Fan-Sites Network (plus Luciana and Annie who keep things running smoothly server-wise). And of course all the past and present fans who use this place as their source of Mischa Barton news and media.

Happy 10th Anniversary MISCHA-B.COM!

– Sam

P.S. Hope you guys like the 10th Anniversary Edition design!

Mischa starring in “Starcrossed”


Mischa alluded to filming a movie called “Starcrossed” back when she was promoting I Will Follow You Into the Dark (which BTW is currently available On Demand), but we didn’t know exactly when the film was due to begin production. Thanks to Mischa’s Twitter page, we now know the film has actually started filming. Mischa has also shared a few pics from the set which have been added to the gallery as well as some shots shared by @driafarr and @ginadeangelis1 on Instagram.

The cast includes Mischa opposite Grant Harvey, Ben Reed, Kristin Carey and Eric Roberts.

Here is a brief synopsis of the movie:

A struggling writer meets a mysterious woman and over the course of one remarkable night discovers what love is.

Us Weekly: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


Mischa Barton is Sophia Monet in the new movie I Will Follow You Into the Dark, which is in theaters now. Here, the O.C. alum, 27, gets personal with Us!
Source: Us Weekly

1. I was born in London’s Hammersmith Hospital. When I filmed Notting Hill, Hugh Grant told me he was born there too!
2. I enjoy writing in my journal.
3. I was very competitive in spelling bees in school. I love an extensive vocabulary.
4. As a toddler, I moved between Switzerland, Germany, and England.
5. I recently lived in Paris for a year.
6. I wear glasses.
7. One of my favorite places to vacation is the Maldives, where you can get a little house on the water.
8. My first dog was a sheepdog named Pandora.

Read More…

Just watch this. And share it with every person you’ve ever met!


Officially the best trailer ever made. EVER.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark hits US cinemas from October 11th.

To put things into perspective, I would be willing to un-see all of Mischa’s work since The O.C. even for just 10 minutes of this movie. She is that captivating in this role! I did get to see it a few weeks ago, but I’m still obsessing over it. And now I’m gonna start yelling in the hope that even just one person hears me, YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH IT. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity of seeing this in a cinema. /end fan rant

I Will Follow You Into the Dark US Trailer

ArcLight Cinemas - I Will Follow You Into the Dark

A slightly revised trailer for the upcoming October 11th release of I Will Follow You Into the Dark hit the blogs recently, check it out below.

Everyone just really needs to see this movie. And please do what you can to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform you can think of.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark on Facebook.

Movie crews to start shooting at Barn Theater in Augusta


Edit: This movie did not move forward with Mischa or Drake Bell.

Movie crews are shooting in West Michigan this week, as for the next four weeks, filmmakers will be shooting a horror-thriller set in Augusta’s famous Barn Theater.

The film is titled Cawdor, and it’s being directed by Battle Creek native Phil Wurtzel.

He was inspired to write the screenplay while shooting a documentary about the Barn Theater a couple of years ago.

You might recognize some of the leading actors–Cary Elwes, from “The Princess Bride,” Drake Bell, from the TV show “Drake and Josh,” and Mischa Barton from TV’s “The OC.”

But the rest of the cast and crew will be from West Michigan.

Source: CW7

The Barn Theater is going to see some more action after the summer season: Sriel Films Production Co. is going to be using the space to shoot an independent film called “Cawdor.”Phil Wurtzel, owner of Battle Creek Rentals, is the writer, director and producer of this tale of psychological terror. He made a documentary about the Barn Theatre a couple of years ago. There will be Barnies working onscreen and on the crew for “Cawdor.”

Wurtzel is joined by Larry Lee of California as producer. The two made another movie in the area called “Chameleon” back in 1998.

Lee said the story takes place in the fictional town of Cawdor, Mich. A disgraced Broadway director has been reduced to directing a summer stock theater for juvenile delinquents. He decides to put on a production of “Macbeth,” also known as the cursed play. Things start to go wrong and a girl called Vivian, the lead character, isn’t sure if there are supernatural things going on or if she is going insane.

“It’s kind of a roundabout homage, not only to Orson Welles, and him doing ‘Macbeth’ as the first Shakespeare ever presented on film, which was a pretty big deal back in the ’40s when he did it,” Lee said. “But this is also an homage to Roman Polanski, and a film he did with Catherine Deneuve back in 1964 called ‘Repulsion.’ And that’s really what we try to do in our films is reference back to the classics …and just try to bring back that style and that sense into the current film market and what’s going on.”

Filming will take place Oct. 13-30. Most of it will be at the Barn, but some scenes will be shot in Battle Creek.
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

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