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Coldwater Canyon Park

Candids of Mischa with Charlie & Ziggy at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills have been uploaded. She looks great!!

7 Responses

ahmed & mischa Says:

Beautiful as usual— You are Miss World

ahmed and mischa = love

im happy because to see (mischa happy) byyyyyyyyyyyy

Mario Says:

For me mischa looks not entirely happy

Dilara Says:

Ewwww, she’s picking up her nose! Gross! And look at her cellulite! I just want her to start to work out and look as healthy as she used to. :(

Piero Says:

How I wish I could happen to L.A.
and see how in these photos,
I love your dogs, I like to play together

Adored Mischa, Piero
I wish you much happiness’ with all my heart

Sara Says:

Seriously, can’t you remove the nose picking picks?

mischalove Says:

dilara mısın nesin ne diosn sen yaaaaa yürü gittt azımı bozdurma benim beğenmiosan ne diye bakıosan onun selülüti bile olamazsın sen. allahım yaaaa ne işin var kızım ya bu sitede mischaya laf eden ne diye bakıosun o zaman gayetde sağlıklı yavrum orda.

rachh Says:

bana bak dilara sen kimsin de mischaya laf atıosun bu siteden seni attırırım terbiyesiz yorum yazma ya mischa hakkında selülitmş sen orda melek yüzlü bir insandan bahsediosun yorumlarını düzelt asabımı bozma

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