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Director Norman Buckley Previews Episode 5

One of the Directors for The Beautiful Life has written up a blog on his website about his experiences shooting episode 5 of The Beautiful Life. He has also included screencaps of various scenes from the episode. Mischa looks seriously BEAUTIFUL and the shots themselves are visually stunning. Click here to read the blog. He also mentions Mischa specifically in this quote:

In particular, Mischa Barton is a joy to work with, and her eyes are so expressive–she reminds me of a silent film actress. I also feel great sentimental attachment to her as she was one of the first people I worked with when I started directing on THE O.C.

Mischa #1

Mischa #2

Mischa #3
Mischa with Ed Quinn who was playing Claudia’s husband Richard – aka Sonja’s baby daddy.

Mischa #4

Mischa #5

2 Responses

Molly Says:

She looks GORGEOUS!
I really wish they didn`t cancel the show so soon.

Anonym Says:

Absolutely beautiful indeed!

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