Brand new trailer for Mischa’s upcoming drama Don’t Fade Away co-starring True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten has surfaced online. Check it out below along with other media from the movie. I am dying to see this!!! Doesn’t look like a release date has been announced yet though.

Additionally, the official Don’t Fade Away website has now launched. The site features stills and a preview of one of Mischa and Ryan’s scenes. Make sure to visit.

Mischa’s promotional stills from the movie have been uploaded, check them out here.

Also, make sure to follow the Don’t Fade Away Twitter page and head on over to the Facebook page for more updates.

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  1. ella

    Not a comment about this entry, but just noticed a couple of typos in the “Site Information” paragraph. “indepdent” (independent) and “Ambassdor” (Ambassador). Not sure if you’re already aware of it but thought I should point it out just in case!


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