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E! Fashion Police

Mischa appeared on this week’s episode of Fashion Police on E! It was a fun segment which gave Mischa the opportunity to briefly plug her handbag collection and her new clothing line ( and She was actually wearing her own designs on the show and looked really beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be able to have the full segment up soon, but for now, here is a 2 minute clip that was uploaded by E!.

4 Responses

ij Says:

tricky – she’s got to be careful here – can’t be seen to criticise other actressess – done well so far – that actress in the cape looked like she was in some cheesy 1980’s vampire flick –

cam Says:

really disturbing to see what smoking has done to her skin, teeth and voice. she should be in anti-smoking ad campaigns for what could happen to you!!

yassora Says:

i disagree with Cam – when we saw her pictures in miami 2012 and some photo’s to her without makeup (she’s look amazing as usually)

ij Says:

I thought her skin looked really good, a natural look, the make up was complimentary instead of the plastered on look she had quite a while ago. Hasn’t her voice always been kind of husky? Her voice is terrific…..who else sounds like that?

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