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Fabulous Mag Interview

Fabulous Magazine have posted an interview with Mischa that was done a while ago. I’m not sure why it has taken so long to surface, especially since it is a complete waste of time. Mischa was clearly annoyed being there since every question is based on tabloid sensationalism. I’m annoyed just reading it with the ridiculous tone and added snarky comments. Click here to read for yourself.

They did however add this little gem from Mischa at the bottom of the article:
Times Mischa said: “Shall we pretend we’re having fun?” Once (yes, really)

I’m happy to see Mischa is well aware when someone is insulting her and trying to cover it under the guise of a “chit-chat.” Great job Fabulous Magazine, truly clever work.

2 Responses

ij Says:

I thought this was really funny actually – it’s refreshing to see someone famous tell it like it is and be honest instead of sucking up to an interviewer….the questions the interviewer asked were pretty out of date and unimaginative.

n Says:

The interviewer did a really bad job. And I hate how the press treats her. What if she drinks a lot or take drugs? LOT of people do it… She can do whatever she wants! I really like that she is natural and she’s not afraid to answer what she really thinks.

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