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Fashion Dinner for Aids Awareness

Mischa is going from strength to strength this week, this time appearing at a fashion dinner for Aids awareness in Paris. She looks absolutely STUNNING! Mischa is pictured with Milla Jovovich and designer Elie Saab (I assume they became fast friends following Mischa’s appearance at his runway show the other day).

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lauren Says:

wow mischa looks amazing and absolutly stunning as always i love her dress green suits her i like her hair like that and the hair peace in her hair i like it i love her make up she looks happy in these pictures and i like her jewerlly she is such a stunning girl and she is really pretty

amanda Says:

wow, she look so stunning and beautiful! So jealous of her, lol! She look great with that dress, hair, make-up and pose. Amazing. Go Mischa!

Siss Says:

The Mischa we saw a few years ago is back! Beyond this world beautiful!

Amy Says:

Mischa looks fab! She looks really good with the weight loss!

David Says:

I usually like more curvy girls but Mischa looks best thin. She looks sexy and reminds me why I found her so beautiful. Cause for a while there I wasn’t feeling it.

the fashion beauty Elana Says:

It was very interesting to read.!great post as usual. Thanks for the info.

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