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First Look: Mischa the day before hospitalization

Mischa: The Day Before

There are a series of photos that have been released of Mischa the day before she was hospitalized. She is pictured resting at an LA hotel with an extremely bloated/swollen jaw. I have to say that these photos really don’t support the Access Hollywood story that Mischa was placed on a psychiatric hold. She looks like a girl suffering from medical complications from an oral surgery. Mischa looks very ill and fragile, I really really hope she’s recovering smoothly.

I don’t have any solid facts but as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. I do wonder why the paparazzi took so long to release these photos? And why Mischa’s reps aren’t commenting on the situation. There are so many conflicting reports, I think its time someone came out with the truth.

I won’t be posting the full set of photos as she’s just so vulnerable in them, but I know everyone is concerned and curious due to the media turning the situation into a free-for-all.

Edit: Received some emails overnight from people complaining that I’m feeding lies about the Dental complications story, lol. Just for the record, my personal stance on this situation is that I don’t know what the truth is. I’m not sure of either story. I want to hear from Mischa’s team for clarification. It is not my intention to flat out deny the psychiatric hold story, I just think that people should keep in mind there are other possibilities. We just have to wait and see. All that matters is that she is okay.

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alexa Says:

These photos were posted on twitter, on the Radaronline site a day ago, as well as on rameypix. They were also posted on ohnotheydidnt shortly after, and there is a discussion there, several pages long, about these pictures. I don’t think the paparazzi took long to release these photos. You’ll probably see them appearing in several tabloids in the coming days.

Sam Says:

Paparazzi release photos within hours.. These were shot on Tuesday. That is a slow release, imo.

debba Says:

Her face is fuller, not just her jaw and the other photos show a weight gain – but she’s still thin regardless. Not to say it’s not her wisdom teeth but those are more like jowels and blioat.

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Misspoes Says:

So why do you post pictures of Mischa where she clearly looks wasted, but not these pictures?
Also, not every paparazzi shot is published. These pictures are just now interesting because of the sudden situation. They might not even have been released otherwise.

B Says:

Wow, that’s why I’ve read that she gained a lot of weight last week! I thought it was very weird she gained so much in so little time, and the photos I’ve seen were all of her looking down, which can create a bigger chin, so I thought it was only fake gossip!
The poor girl has a swollen jaw and people are saying that she inexplicably gained 40 pounds in two weeks and that only shows on her face. Now I’m reading that “friends” of her are saying she’s letting her career and personal life slip through her fingers and that she’s a drunk/party animal. Not to mention questioning her mental health… She’s going to be so pissed when she gets out of the hospital…
Thanks for trying to set the record straight!

Georgia Says:

I hope Mischa is okay. I’m so worried about her and no one seems to be saying WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON.

Sam Says:

Misspoes: Other candids I post are added to promote Mischa as a style icon. People care about what she wears. These are photos where its about a medical condition, and I’ve never in the past posted photos where she’s in a vulnerable position. I wouldn’t have even added these two if I thought the media was giving both sides of the story.

I don’t know what’s true. Its entirely possible the Access Hollywood story is correct. But I also think its extremely shady that everyone is taking one source’s information as gospel without doing any additional fact finding.

B: That’s exactly it, B. The media are exploiting the situation to just further attack her character. If it is dental complications, then they need to give that side of the story as well. And if she is indeed on psychiatric hold, then that is a serious condition and they need to lay-off the attacks.

B Says:

Yeah Sam, and it’s so frustrating how the media always seems to attack her. I’ve seen people talk about her “inexistent career” a thousand times, when she was taking on some really cool and interesting projects like You And I, (witch not many actresses would risk to do and on top do it so well) and designing the bags and headbands…
I don’t know why people are always so keen to critique her career choices and even fashion choices when they don’t even bother to learn more and get the facts straight. In one minute she’s the apple of everyone’s eye and the next she’s too fat/thin, dressing like a maniac, mentally unstable… It’s upsetting but I guess that’s how its done in Hollywood these days.

Cheril Vernon Says:

I got the same kind of responses from people because I support the dental complications story. We do have the right to not believe what the tabloids are printing. We do have the right to wait until we hear the other side before we slam a celebrity. I wish Mischa’s so-called friends who keep talking to the tabloids would let the tabloids use their names in the stories. I wonder if they would say horrible things then.

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