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Flashback: The OC

I was able to get a wide range of photoshoot outtakes (over 290) from Mischa’s press publicity photo sessions for all three seasons of The OC. Check them out below:
Season One Photo Sessions
Season Two Photo Sessions
Season Three Photo Sessions

6 Responses

Miss P. Says:

I miss the O.C so much and i visit this website everyday i think haha
and when i saw this new photos… (L)
Misch was so young (well, she’s still young lol) and as beautiful as always, of course.
The photos from the third season are totally great!

A lovely surprise, thank you very very very very much :)

Sam Says:

Thanks for visiting :)

Georgia Says:

These are phenomenal! Are there any of Rachel, Ben, Adam, Kelly etc…? You are truly amazing.

Sam Says:

@Georgia: I’ve not personally seen what is available of the other actors, but I’m sure there would be a wide selection.

I had to pay quite a bit to get these so I think the only way the other photos would surface is if a webmaster of another site picks them up.

Had they been free, I would have gladly supplied photos of everyone but unfortunately they cost too much.

Georgia Says:

Thank you for that information, Sam. You’re amazing, as always!

jacey Says:

omg i love these! how do you get them? i’m dying to have some of rachel. <3

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