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Gas Station Candids

Candids of Mischa looking pretty brilliant at a gas station in LA have been added. I would have loved some shots without the massive coat cause her body looks awesome!

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Olly Says:

WOW! You’re not kidding,Sam! Mischa looks stunning here.The tight gold dress and large inuit-style sawn-off Parka make an ace contast.Pictures 001.jpg 003.jpg and 025.jpg of Mischa unaffectedly laughing,melted my heart and made me almost cry with delight.
We all know that MB’s large sad eyes can sometimes exaggerate just how sad or pissed off she actually is but it really pleases me when MB radiates as much confidence and happiness as she does here.

v Says:

Who are you????

T.W. Says:

awsome pictures!!! looks like Mischa really is coming back now!!! she looks great and it looks like she is posing in a couple of the pics. Very nice of her to do that!!! and she is looking and smiling at the camera while putting gas in her car!!! yeah. love MB!!! she rocks

Piero Says:

You are simply beautiful, you are adorable.
A small defect, I hope that is not a real fur

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