Scan previews of Mischa’s STUNNING spread in Genlux Magazine have been uploaded. This is truly one of Mischa’s BEST shoots (Yes, I’ve said this 50 times this year alone, lol). Big thanks to Chiara #2 for supplying the shots. Hopefully HQ versions show up soon. Mischa is seriously putting all the supermodels of this world to shame.

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  1. Ulysses Cheung(Chinese Spelling: Zhang Bin)

    Dear Mischa, I need you help me about the future plan…

  2. Mischa Barton photo parade

    [...] lately overseas, and honestly, the photos just keep getting better and better. Check out these photo scans from Genlux Magazine on Also, she’s featured in FHM’s April edition in Indonesia, with photos [...]

  3. Georgia

    Ulysses Cheung(Chinese Spelling: Zhang Bin), Mischa isn’t on this site – it’s fan-run, so maybe go to her official blog because posting the same thing on every entry on this fansite isn’t going to help you.


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