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  1. Giovanna

    Happy Bday to my beautiful girl!
    It’s a special day in her life and in my life too.
    LOVE HER SO MUCH <3333


  2. Piero

    With all the love in the world
    Happy Birthday, Mischa

    You’re a fantastic person, I Adore You

    thanks Sam, for this site.

  3. Olly

    A very happy 25th birthday to wonderful Mischa Barton.xxoxx
    Wishing her all she wishes herself but most of all I hope she enjoys a palpable hit in the coming year reminding & surprising the public that she’s a gifted actress. Go Mischa!!!

  4. Jenni

    Happy Birthday Meesh <3
    Hope you'll have fun birthdayparty! A spectaclular or tiny and cosy..
    Sometimes it gets better when you have just couple of best friends by your side :D
    Kisses, sunshine :* mwah


    belated happy birthday my one and only beautiful mischa.. nore project and good career to come in your love and love life too.. mwuaaaah.. always take care.. GOD bless you more!!


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