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Happy Birthday, Mischa!

Wishing Mischa a very Happy Birthday!! She’s currently in London filming a movie, so hopefully she has some free time to fit in a celebration.

Happy Birthday Mischa!

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Olly Says:

Happy Birthday to wonderful amazing Mischa! Glad she’s here in London where it all began 28 years ago. Hope she has a great day and a succesful happy forthcoming year. #GoMischaGo!

LostSoul Says:

Much happiness to our girl, Mischa!!!

Patricia Says:

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Mischa Barton
She’s the best, hope this year be everything she wants it to be

Much love

nidii Says:

Happy birthday, Mischa! Wish you the best and I’m glad you are going to make a lot of movies this year. Be well and keep it that way, girl!

allen Says:

Happy birthday,

Marcos Aurélio Says:

Parabéns pelo seu aniversário que este ano de 2014 seja cheio de paz harmonia e muitas realizações e muitas felicidades

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