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Harper’s Bazaar LFW Closing Party

Check out photos of Mischa at the Harper’s Bazaar London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Closing Party. This has got to be one of my favourite looks from Mischa! A++


Candids from outside the event have also been added.

2 Responses

Jayme Says:

If you look at Mischa’s IMDB page she’s attached to three new projects For Hire, The Cabin at the Lake and Tomorrow.

Sam Says:

Yes! Exciting news.

“The Cabin at the Lake” is from the same people who were doing “Into the Darkness”, so that’s just an exchange of scripts pretty much. But it’s been in development forever so I’m not holding my breath.

“For Hire” is the assassin movie Mischa mentioned a little while ago. Mischa also mentioned working with Tom Hardy on a future project so I thought it might be this. But “Tomorrow” is also a British production so it might be that instead. Or neither.

They unfortunately removed “Homefront” from the page a few days before “For Hire” and “Tomorrow” were added so hopefully that doesn’t mean it was a mistake all along.

And “L.A. Slasher” still hasn’t been added even though we know for certain she filmed scenes for that one.

It’s a little difficult to believe IMDb since their casting accuracy isn’t great in the beginning stages. I should probably do an update on these titles on the main page anyway.

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