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Hollywood Candids

Candids of Mischa from February 10th of her leaving after having sushi with friends in Hollywood have been uploaded. Rumours are that she’ll be attending New York Fashion Week which begins on the 13th. Hopefully she does attend cause we always get a stack of pictures whenever she attends a fashion week.

4 Responses

amira Says:

did she cut her hair or something?

amira Says:

omg she did cut her hair!

Sam Says:

I don’t think she cut it. It stills looks long from the back:

And she’s just attended a new event – on Feb 11th, the day after these candids – where her hair is still the normal length.

I’ll post those pics soon.

lauren Says:

did she cut her hair it still looks long at the back love her outfit mischa all the way shes amazing

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