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In Development: Engram

A new movie role has recently been announced with Mischa in the lead. The film is titled Engram and is based upon a book of the same name written by Keith Baker. The movie is currently in development so no other casting has been revealed yet. There is however a plot summary which you can read below:

A young female doctor wakes from a coma four years after a near-fatal car crash and begins to investigate the driver’s death at the scene. As she tries to unravel a past she can’t remember, she gradually uncovers a deadly conspiracy. Now under increasing threat, a darker question begins to form – what was her own involvement in the events leading-up to that night?

The film is a UK/Germany co-production with Mischa’s mum Nuala Barton acting as executive producer. The film genre is listed as a medical conspiracy action/thriller.

Hopefully we get more information soon!


4 Responses

ahmed & mischa Says:


I am happy for you— Good luck Misha

ahmed & mischa = love

im veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Francesco Says:

Sono molto felice per Mischa …..i want she became a big actress , i’m with mischa !!!!!!

jeb Says:

I get it! Mischa can only get work if her mother hires her!

Carlos Garay del Moral Says:

Engram´s plot seems to be very interesting and overtaking too. The Title has made a headway because an engram is a mind´s memory. A word never used in any kind of movies before. How awsome! Good luck to Mischa and all the Team. Greetings. Carlos Garay del Moral.

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