It seems like Mischa might be back on Twitter using @MischAmazing again. We never got any kind of official confirmation that the account is actually used by Mischa so continue to keep that in mind.

Hi Guys!!! Been away forever but have done so much since my last tweets….look out for me to link you guys in to my new pages

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  1. yassora

    her friends on twitter (Ashley Madekwe @smashleybell and Paul Tao @paultao) follow (@ mischamazing) one of her best friends confirmed mischAmazing was real and Theophilius London confirmed too. so I’m sure that this is the true account

  2. Keeya

    Well, Ashley Madekwe doesn’t follow that twitter anymore so i’m not sure if it’s because she (‘Mischa’)didn’t tweet for a while, or because it’s a fake.


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