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L.A. Slasher – Full Synopsis

Check out the full synopsis for Mischa’s upcoming satirical horror flick L.A. Slasher. The film also stars Eric Roberts, Dave Bautista, Danny Trejo, Brooke Hogan and Drake Bell.

L.A. Slasher

L.A. SLASHER is a satirical take on the horror genre set against the celebrity obsessed world of modern day Los Angeles. 

The biggest stars, on the hugest billboards are stars of Reality TV, or people who have found fame through the masses of social media. Famous for being famous, a concept that has sent one person to their breaking point….

Los Angeles is running wild with speculation over the mysterious abduction of a famous reality TV star. The speculation grows into fear as she is discovered wandering the Hollywood hills after an apparent brutal stabbing. Responsibility is claimed by a mysterious stranger calling themselves the LA Slasher. The confession is made on Twitter and Instagram accounts, whose followers immediately start to increase as the revelation is announced on the news.

We meet a series of characters, each representing a different aspect of the Reality Revolution, and each as vacuous and selfish as the next. We grow to realize that each one of the characters is a potential victim on the Slasher’s hit list. The Popstar… who found fame on the Internet, an Heiress, a Socialite, a Teen Mom who held onto her fame by leaking sex tapes, a Producer, a Stripper and a washed up Actress, both who appear on a bottom of the food chain cable TV show.

We take a look inside their worlds and see them interact with the Slasher as he stalks and plans each move of his plan. The characters all co-exist in the movie with their individual links to Reality TV and in turn with the Slasher.

We also encounter a News Reporter and two Drug Dealers whose worlds respectively get turned upside down as their lives become forever entwined with the Slasher.

We soon realize the Slasher is not your typical villain, he almost has a warmth to him, a character, dressed head to toe in white and a creepy mask, the Slasher soon gains a popularity as the world embraces him thanks to his use of social networking, each of his musings and movements are put out for the world to see. The Slasher hunts the victims one by one as his on line audiences’ appetite grows for him to abduct these homemade stars. He teaches each of them a lesson they will never be able to forget and broadcasts it for the whole world to see….

The Slasher charms the audience and talks us through the reasons why he is doing this. The Slasher hates what Hollywood has become, a place where fame trumps talent. Our movie audience finds themselves on the same journey as the on line audience as the outlandish Slasher guides us on this humorous tale of terror. He seduces us with his timely observations and witty wordsmanship. Like any movie, we have a protagonist, but in the form of the Slasher. He guides us on the journey; through his eyes we see Hollywood as a place that is infected with a cancer… Reality TV, and the Slasher is on a mission to wipe it out. Believing if you make a statement, so big and so loud that people have no choice but to listen, then they will have no choice but to change… Death to Reality TV.

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