Wouldn’t normally make a new post about the addition of photos to an existing set, but Mischa’s changed her clothes in this new batch and has created her own mini-photoshoot, lol. These new pics are of Mischa later in the day when she stopped for some shopping at the Oscar Generale showroom – hence the different outfits.

And a shout out to the Reina brand for creating the white tote Mischa is sporting in these candids! Hit up the Reina website to check out the range.

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  1. Piero

    You are a dream, Adored Mischa
    Remember, I live with the hope one day to meet you 2 minutes.

    a big hug with love, Piero

  2. hannah

    lovely photos!!

    could you change cavallari-fan.com to kcavallari.com (new url among your top affiliates)


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