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A new layout is currently being uploaded so the site will likely have several glitches and broken links over the next 48 hours. Bare with me. Huge thanks to Natasha from DZNROKR Designs for converting the site to a completely new script and for bringing us this edgy/modern layout. I know it’ll take a little getting used to for some of you. I’d also like to give a shout out to Sara for being my go-to designer for the past several layouts.

10 Responses

marie Says:

I LOVE the new layout!!

chrisea34 Says:

i prefer the past layout because this one is too green and it seems like a blog and not like the first fan site devoted to Mischa.

Chiara Says:

DIRRRRRTY layout!! ;P

Chiara LOVES it!
Go Sam!

Fan Says:

Loving the new layout, however is it possible for you to add “” as an alternative link for the ‘Discuss’ as a true community forum link. TY.

Ryvos Says:

Pretty gorgeous! Sara is so talented :)

Sindy Says:

i dont really like the new layout – sorry for that bad comment, but in my opinion the other one was better

Nivea Says:

the new layout is wonderfull!!!! *-*

Natasha Says:

AH! I love itttt omg <3333

angela Says:

I still like that yellow one from a long time ago the best, where you used the pics from the SAFE campaign she had

this one is also nice but u should put movies or somethin to the left of the page instead of nothin

ah Says:

why don’t you put The O.C. Complete Series in the DVD releases?

btw, nice layout!

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