Candids of Mischa and Josh Hartnett along with friends leaving the Bungalow 8 nightclub and heading back to the Soho Hotel, London have been uploaded. Josh H isn’t pictured in this set of candids so who knows if the blurb for the photos is correct. But Josh is in London so at least the geography fits. Thanks to Marie for these!

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  1. Tom

    Geography may fit, but they didn’t speak much to each other, if at all, at Bungalow 8. Mischa was happy all night, posed for a lot of photos, roamed around both up and downstairs. Josh’s mob mostly sat upstairs, smashed a lot of glasses, drank a lot, while Josh appeared to remain sober.

  2. Tom

    Incidentally, this Bungalow8 party was the after-party for Temperley’s show yesterday. Aside from Josh, other guests included Theo Green (looking deadly in Dior), Nick Rhodes (looking rather chubby and camp), Derek DeLove (drunk and moody). Sanky DJ’d downstairs, a couple of fools spun old crap rock’n’roll upstairs.


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