Candids of Mischa and DJ Ali Love enjoying a night out in Milan have been added.

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  1. Lila

    Oh dear, you forgot your pants Mischa! They look cute though.. Her boyfriend has a better sense of style than her..

  2. PIERO

    Hello dear sweet MISCHA,
    you are in splendid form, I’m glad you’re with your boyfriend, I hope and wish you a ondo of happiness’.
    Ali, I hope one day I know only two minutes for your wonderful girl, thanks and best wishes

    Piero from Genoa, Always at your disposal for anything


    Wishing you all the best, from the Philippines. I first notice you in Lost and Delirious. In any of your movies, no one has your delivery of the script, and your eyes are expressive. Praying that you’d be safe.

  4. karl

    Honey, you know you don’t have the best legs – this was a bad choice. And showing your ass, that is not your good side. Be careful where you let the strings on the dress hang, it looks like something it’s not, I hope.


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