Candids of Mischa & Taylor at the beach in Malibu from July 23rd have been uploaded. Most of the shots are in medium quality but a selection of them have been upload in higher quality as well courtesy Popsugar.

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  1. splenda

    Thanks to Sam and the rest of the crew for always updating the fans with photos, news, and other tidbits! You guys are absolutely super!!

  2. Blubarton

    Wow she looks amazing. And I love how she keeps and re-wears old clothes, despite them being out of season etc, unlike the many celebrities who wear something once and then discard.

    And I agree with splenda, Sam you are an amazing support for all us Mischa fans! Thank you!

  3. Taylor Swift

    If Taylor Swift weren’t selling to Pop audiences she would not be sitting atop the Country charts. There is something incredibly wrong with this.


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