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Marie Claire UK

Mischa graces the cover of the 20th birthday issue of Marie Claire in the UK which hits stands tomorrow. The preview of the cover is below with thanks to Amira for the tip. Click the preview to be taken to an online article featuring snippets from the interview.

2 Responses

gel Says:

According to her Marie Claire interview, Mischa said she went to rehab after her DUI. Then why are there pictures of her drinking in London, Berlin and Cannes.

Somebody explain this to me and please don’t delete my comment.

Sam Says:

She went to rehab classes simply as a remedy for the DUI. When she mentions rehab, Mischa isn’t referring to stay-in treatment and accommodation. It’s not like what we’ve seen Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan go through.

Mischa’s “rehab” is an extremely short term and periodic court appointed class designed to re-educate. She is not classified as an alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination and she does not have any issues with alcohol abuse.

This therefore does not mean that she’s required to stop drinking. It means that she attended classes to reaffirm the social responsibility of not driving while drunk and to ensure she doesn’t make the same mistake again.

As she’s of age, Mischa is still allowed to drink whenever she wants and has now taken the extra precaution of having a driver escort her in such circumstances.

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