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Milky Mischa! Tyler Shields GQ Spread

Scans of a spread on Tyler Shields from British GQ featuring a couple of shots of Mischa (that weren’t part of the meat shoot) have been added. Huge thanks to Michele from for spotting the spread and sending it to us.

2 Responses

yassora Says:

she good looking

Olly Says:

“I wanted to take the image Mischa Barton had in The O.C. and smash it.”
Do all the Mischa fans on this site feel the same?
29 year-old spoiled brat tyro Tyler Shields you’re so wild,daring and innovative. NOT.
What a complete and utter plonker!
Emma Roberts,Lindsay Lohan,Mischa and other young Hollywood beauties queueing up to shoot with him in all manner of tasteless incongruous,sexy,glamorous,subjugated and humiliated poses. For shame..this diminishes them.
Tyler Shields you are not a second-rate Helmut Newton,you are an indulged rich kid plonker.

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