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April 27: The OC 323: The Party Favor, 9pm (FOX)
May 04: The OC 324: The Man of the Year, 9pm (FOX)
May 11: The OC 325: The Graduates, 9pm (FOX)


322 The College Try
April 20, 9:00 pm (FOX)

Graduation is just weeks away and Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa leave Newport to attend their respective pre-frosh orientations at UC Berkeley and Brown. While dropping the boys off at the airport, Kirsten is surprised to see Theresa and her all-too-familiar-looking baby boy. While visiting Brown, Seth runs into Anna on the quad and they instantly connect. Could this be the end of Summer and Seth? Meanwhile, Kirsten and Sandy attend a hospital benefit where Kirsten vents her frustrations and falls back into an old habit.




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» OC screen caps
I’ve added screen caps from The OC Episode 316 The Road Warrior. I know I’ve been lax with the updates lately, more coming soon, I promise!
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» Barton stylishly poised for life after ‘The O.C.’
On Saturday, the day after snow fell on San Francisco, Mischa Barton brought a little of “The O.C.” sunshine to town. Wearing a peach dress, beige shrug and brown, lace-less Keds, Barton, 20, is every bit the breezy, boho beauty she plays on television.

If Gen X looked to Sarah Jessica Parker for style, Gen Y is all about Mischa Barton, who favors earth tones, flats and gloss to the often overdone Hollywood glam.

Not surprisingly, girls as young as 9 had camped out at Macy’s since early morning to get a glimpse of the actress. “She’s just so natural. I love her,” gushed Sarah Abney, 14, of San Francisco. Like other fans, Abney clutched a pair of Keds, Barton’s favorite shoes off the red carpet, hoping for a signature.

Born in London and raised in New York, Barton made her film debut at the /files/includes/age.js of 12 in “Lawn Dogs,” a Sundance favorite, opposite Sam Rockwell. Steady theater work and small parts in “The Sixth Sense,” “Notting Hill,” and ABC’s “Once and Again” followed, and, in 2003, Barton traded in a shot at the Yale School of Drama to do a pilot about upper class families living in coastal Orange County. Read More …

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» “The Oh in Ohio” trailer
The trailer for Mischa’s new movie “The Oh is Ohio” is now available online. Watch it here
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» Mischa moves on
It’s always handy to have a shoulder to cry on after a break-up. Especially when the rest of the body is as sexy as Jake Gyllenhaal’s. The OC’s gorgeous Mischa Barton has been linked with the buff Brokeback Bafta-winning hunk, after reportedly splitting with her long-haired loverboy Cisco Adler.

We hear it’s all the attention that’s being poured on Mischa which caused the friction between the couple – at the Oscars, rumour has it “Cisco looked a tad uncomfortable with the situation,” according to the Daily Star.

So what happened to make Mischa look Jake’s way? “They were both having coffee at the Beverley hills Hotel when Cisco suddenly skulked off – and for a moment Mischa looked gutted.” But not for long…

“When Cisco didn’t come back, she made arrangements to meet Jake later this week,” says the eavesdropper.

Source: MegaStar

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» Barton and Adler perfect because they’re ‘dorks’
The OC star Mischa Barton knows exactly why she and boyfriend Cisco Adler are the perfect match – because they’re both “boring dorks”. The 20-year-old actress is bemused by how fascinated fans are by her relationship with the Whitestarr frontman.

She says: “Cisco and I are dorks, that’s why we work so well. We just get on so well together. But I find it hard to work out why people seem so obsessed with us both. “It’s nothing new, two people being as one, is it? Anyway, we’re both completely boring.”

Source: Ireland Online

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» 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Mischa attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party yesterday. So far I have added 21 pictures to the gallery. Hopefully more to come.

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» New scans and videos
Mischa is on the cover of the current issues of Australian magazines Madison (for the second time) and Star Enquirer. We have scans of both thanks to Sam. I’ve also added a few scans from Star and OK

A few new video clips have been added. We have 2 clips of Mischa at the BAFTAs, thanks to BlueCrushFan. We also added a video of Mischa on Graham Norton, thanks to Sam.

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