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April 27: The OC 323: The Party Favor, 9pm (FOX)
May 04: The OC 324: The Man of the Year, 9pm (FOX)
May 11: The OC 325: The Graduates, 9pm (FOX)


322 The College Try
April 20, 9:00 pm (FOX)

Graduation is just weeks away and Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa leave Newport to attend their respective pre-frosh orientations at UC Berkeley and Brown. While dropping the boys off at the airport, Kirsten is surprised to see Theresa and her all-too-familiar-looking baby boy. While visiting Brown, Seth runs into Anna on the quad and they instantly connect. Could this be the end of Summer and Seth? Meanwhile, Kirsten and Sandy attend a hospital benefit where Kirsten vents her frustrations and falls back into an old habit.




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» Candids
A bunch of new candids have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Faith for many of them.
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» Mischa Barton single?
Mischa Barton has reportedly split from boyfriend Cisco Adler – again. The actress, who plays Marissa Cooper in popular teen drama ‘The O.C.’, has allegedly called time on the pair’s romance after the Whitestarr rocker complained she was partying too much. According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, Barton, 20, was less than impressed when Adler, 26, told her he was unhappy with the amount of time she was spending with close friend Nicole Richie and dumped him.

Last month, it was reported the pair had split after a heated argument at the Beverly Hills hotel, in Los Angeles. At the time, friends claimed Barton and Adler had found it difficult to stay together because of the intense public interest in their romance. However, the two later reconciled despite reports suggesting the brunette star had turned to ‘Brokeback Mountain’ actor Jake Gyllenhaal for comfort in the wake of their separation.

Source: Female First

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» The Secrets and Lies
Clips from last week’s episode of The OC, 319 The Secrets and Lies have been added to the site. Click here to download.
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» “The OC” Mischa sickout Video
E! aired a short segment during “Daily 10” on Mischa wanting to leave The O.C. There isn’t any new information in the video, they basically sum up the article that was posted yesterday but it’s still fun to watch the Mischa mont/files/includes/gallery-age.js lol. Click here to download. Thanks to BlueCrushFan for sending this in so quickly!
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» “The OC” Mischa sickout
Mischa Barton seems to be trying really hard to wiggle out of doing “The O.C.” any longer.

Barton, worried about the show’s spiraling ratings – and concerned about being typecast as a bratty teen – frequently calls in sick or arrives late to the set, according to a report in Life & Style magazine. The publication quotes insiders who work on the show as being annoyed by Barton’s sickouts and tardiness – especially since she’s been known to hit the town and party hearty (and is the frequent subject of gossip-column items).

“She’s definitely flirting with leaving the show,” says one source. “But the real problem now is that she isn’t taking work seriously.”

Barton, 20, has played pampered princess Marissa Cooper on “The O.C.” since the Fox show’s 2003 premiere. Once a hot ticket among the teen set, “The O.C.” has seen its ratings drop from nearly 10 million viewers its first season to around 5.4 million this season, according to Nielsen. Barton co-stars on the show – which revolves around the privileged lives of people in Orange County, Calif. – with Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson.

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation,” said a spokeswoman for Warner Bros., which produces “The O.C.”

Barton has been romantically linked to Cisco Adler, “Brokeback Mountain” co-star Jake Gyllenhaal and Hollywood oil heir Brandon Davis. She’ll be seen in the upcoming movies “Hexxx,” “Closing the Ring” and “Decameron: Angels & Virgins.”

Source: New York Post

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» New layout
We finally have a new layout up. The previous one had been up for almost 4 months, and it was time for a change. I hope you guys like it. Since I know I’m going to get tons of emails about the shoot used, here is the info. The photos come from a shoot by Mark Liddell did for Fashion magazine. We do not have the photos in the gallery for legal reasons. The layout was made by me and coded by Janine, feel free to leave comments with your thoughts. We love hearing feedback!
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» Gallery & Video
A video of Mischa from the TV Guide Channel walking us through the set of The OC has been added to the site. Thanks to BlueCrushFan for sending it in! Click here to download.

And a couple of gallery updates:
Jane Magazine host a party with Mischa Barton and The Veronicas to Unveil Fall 2006 Keds Collection
Glamour Magazine Dinner Party at L’Ermit/files/includes/gallery-age.js with Joy Bryant, Nicole Richie & Teri Hatcher
Thanks to maalibu for both sets of photos!

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