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April 27: The OC 323: The Party Favor, 9pm (FOX)
May 04: The OC 324: The Man of the Year, 9pm (FOX)
May 11: The OC 325: The Graduates, 9pm (FOX)


322 The College Try
April 20, 9:00 pm (FOX)

Graduation is just weeks away and Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa leave Newport to attend their respective pre-frosh orientations at UC Berkeley and Brown. While dropping the boys off at the airport, Kirsten is surprised to see Theresa and her all-too-familiar-looking baby boy. While visiting Brown, Seth runs into Anna on the quad and they instantly connect. Could this be the end of Summer and Seth? Meanwhile, Kirsten and Sandy attend a hospital benefit where Kirsten vents her frustrations and falls back into an old habit.




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» TV Babe of the Day: Mischa Barton
The O.C.’s tempestuous beauty

This season of The O.C. has been the wildest yet, with love triangles getting stretched into love rhombuses and love trapezoids, maybe even love dodecahedrons. At the center of most of the controversy and lovelorn angst is Marissa, played by the luminous Mischa Barton.

Mischa has shed her share of tears on the show, and she’s been involved in more harrowing situations than one high school girl should ever have to deal with. For one, she always seems to fall for guys who want to punch other guys. If she’s not doing that, she’s ODing in Tijuana, shooting her boyfriend’s brother, watching her mom marry a geriatric, and trying to chair social committees all the while.

Somehow, despite all her troubles, she comes out looking gorgeous, and for that, we salute her! A little depression and family turmoil is no reason to look your worst. And if you don’t have a new $300 outfit for every day of the year… shop and get one, no matter how broke you are. That’s what Marissa does.

Feast your eyes on the fashionable and pristine (but deeply troubled) beauty below, then be sure to visit the im/files/includes/gallery-age.js gallery to check out more im/files/includes/gallery-age.jss of the cutest head case this side of Laguna.

Source: IGN

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» Candids
I added some recent candids to the gallery thanks to MaD! Mischa’s new puppy is just too cute!

Mischa returns to the Carlton Hotel in NYC
Mischa goes to the pet store in Malibu
Mischa out and about with her new puppy

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» Random Media
Clips from 3×21 The Dawn Patrol are now available for download.

A clip of Mischa from VH1’s 100 Hottest Hotties from 2004 is also up for download. Mischa came in 15th. Huge thanks to BlueCrushFan for capturing the segment.

BlueCrushFan was also kind enough to send in shots of Mischa’s BeBe campaign as displayed on bus stops. Click here to vew.

And finally, Mischa’s film project Decameron: Angels & Virgins has been renamed to Guilty Pleasures. According to boxofficemojo.comthe film is slated for a January 05, 2007 release.

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» Bebe Preview
You think you can handle Mischa as a dominatrix? Click here to view OK magazine’s exclusive preview of Mischa’s upcoming bebe campaign.

And in the words of the article, Mischa looks FIERCE. A huge thanks to Liz for providing the scans. And also a huge thanks to BlueCrushFan for scanning the im/files/includes/gallery-age.jss as well. BlueCrushFan also mentioned that the ads are up and running on bus stops in Pasadena so if you live in Pasadena, keep your eyes open.

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» Gallery & Media
A few random gallery updates today:

OC Cast on the cover of Australian TV Hits
Mischa in Australian Who magazine
Couple of scans of Mischa from In Touch magazine Thanks to Liz
Couple of scans of Mischa from Life & Style magazine Thanks to Liz
Scan of Mischa from a “HotStars” pullout in UK version of OK Thanks to BlueCrushFan

And some new media:
Clips from The OC episode 320 The Day After Tomorrow are up. Click here to be taken to the download p/files/includes/gallery-age.js.

A short “Daily 10” clip from channel E! of Mischa and a new puppy can be downloaded here. Thanks to BlueCrushFan for sending in the clip!

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» Nylon cover
Mischa is gracing the May coer of Nylon magazine. The mag’s official site still has the April issue listed, but I guess they’ll be changing that soon.

Anyways, thanks to Zoolander from thefashionspot.com, you can check out a preview of the cover below.

Free Im/files/includes/gallery-age.js Hosting at www.Im/files/includes/gallery-age.jsShack.us
click to enlarge
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» OC caps
Just finished adding screencaps from The OC episode 319 The Secrets and Lies. Enjoy!
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