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Mischa Barton Pulls the Plug on Rocker Relationship, Report

Mischa Barton’s relationship with Rooney frontman Taylor Locke ended on September 5, just shy of their seven-month anniversary a new report from In Touch notes on Tuesday. The magazine says that according to an insider, it was Mischa who pulled the plug on the relationship and called it quits.

The magazine reports that the couple had just returned from a nearly three-week safari and charity junket through Africa and all that togetherness seems to have been their downfall. “Mischa and Taylor’s romance worked because they spent so much time apart,” an insider tells In Touch.

“He’d be on tour or she’d be working in Europe and they talked over the phone or e-mail.” The insider explains to In Touch that spending 24 hours a day in close proximity with Taylor, 24, caused the 22-year-old actress to rethink her future with him.

“They fought almost every day on the trip,” the insider says. “She broke up with him just a few days after they returned to LA.” “They’d only see each other for a few days at a time,” says the insider. She has a thing for musicians: She also dated Cisco Adler.

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Gina Says:

Could I ask you… There was a video of Mischa and Taylor. It was in march, when teir relationship was revealed. They were in a restaurant and they were kissing, it was a paparazzi video. Mischa was wearing some hippie outfit I think. I can’t find it now – does anyone know, where it is? Please:-). Says:

Mischa and Taylor Locke lunching in West Hollywood – Mar 06


Gina Says:

These are photos, but I mean a VIDEO.

Srta.Chùn Says:

I saw the end before they begun.
New lyrics for “Goodbye my lover” – James Blunt.
Mischa will be OK with another man. Not Cisco =)).

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